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We are committed to service: there is a strong intention

---- "become an industry leader" customer,

In a symbiotic strategic partner role, customers will provide long-term:

Brand strategic positioning as a precise starting point,

The unique recognition and experience of building a brand,

The implementation of three "mouth" brand communication and marketing three dimensions of advisory services,

The ultimate realization of the "make the brand more valuable" cooperation intention.

Dual-core 3D service

Grand focuses on a focus ---- brands,

Engaged in brand landing and brand promotion two kinds of work,

To assist customers to solve the brand strategic positioning, brand identification experience, brand promotion and marketing three issues.

3D Brand Strategy/Positioning

A clear brand strategy outlines the brand's vision goals for the future and breaks it down into specific and describable goals, giving the brand an accurate direction for its development. Brand strategy is mainly to the internal role of incentive sedator each member of the vision into a forward momentum.

Accurate brand positioning, will clearly and accurately know their current location coordinates, the future want to reach the target point location, two points line is the path of brand landing implementation.

3D Brand Recognition/Experience

Perfect brand recognition, through color, graphics, shading, name, symbol, logo, VI, product packaging and other information touch points, clearly and accurately highlight the brand personality and value proposition.

A good brand experience, will be in the "brand field" through the "five senses of six senses" to the entrant stoush infiltration of brand awareness and feelings, and thus form a unique experience.

3D branding/marketing

If the brand strategic positioning is to determine the direction of the goal point of the problem, brand recognition experience is to solve the experience in the process of consumption, then brand promotion and marketing is widely reported and then buy the letter.

Good promotion, not push products, push is a good idea, attractive brand value proposition;


In 1996, there was a grand brand empire in the heart of the British tourists;
In 2003, small studio often serve The Uk, Italy, Germany and other brands;
In 2006, a representative office was set up in Beijing to study the Chinese market and consumers;
In 2009, Grand officially entered China to provide services to customers;

In 2011, brand tools and DNA operation method in the Chinese market familiar with the application, won the China Business Federation issued "star brand advisory body";
In 2012, the brand landing system and promotion system formed, serving the world's top 500, large-scale state-owned enterprises, even won the "star brand advisory body";
In 2013, the 8th Annual Asian Brand Festival was awarded: Asian Brand Management Outstanding People and China's Top Ten New Force brand institutions of the Year two awards;
In 2017, "brand consulting gold ring plus" molding, in Cofco, the first, Badaling and other 10 billion enterprises to practice;

In the future, look forward to the "golden circle plus" law, become the "positioning" of the epoch-making theory, with more brands symbiosis, win, prosperity ...

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